Temporary Internet

RINCS can provide internet connectivity as per your requirement. We will gather the requirement for the type and bandwidth of the internet, either by speaking to your technical team or performing our own site survey if possible. Based on the findings we will suggest different technologies for the internet such as 3g/4g, satellite, and continuum bonded solution and ADSL.


Broadband (ADSL)

RINCS with collaboration of its service provider can provide temporary broadband services to event sites depending on local exchange infrastructure.


Continuum Bonded Solutions (Any connectivity)

Continuum, with collaboration of our internet service providers combines multiple 4G, ADSL, satellite or other wired internet services from different carriers. It combines the bandwidth of different internet technology into a single high performance bandwidth pipe. The features include ultrafast data throughput, automatic failover with the same static IP address, and Quality of Service.


Cellular Services (4G, 3G)

With the continued increase of 4g/3g coverage in the UK Cellular Services is becoming one of the best Plan B or temporary internet for rapid deployment sites. We can provide our cellular router with sim cards. Depending on your requirement we can provide dynamic private IPs, static public IPs and dynamic public IPs with a 4g sim card.


Satellite Internet

RINCS has a number of satellite units that are readily available for rapid deployment (for event sites) where no other internet technology is available.